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Company development history

Time : 2018.06.05 * Hits:266

2012.1 Build the factory, the monthly average output of the factory  up to 1000 polyurethane cold storage panel.

2013.2 The average monthly output rise to 3000㎡,increase the iron tube production line.

2014.1 Expand the scale,build a 20 mu of comprehensive processing plant.Register the company Tianshun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd, with 110m production lines, 50 employees and one-stop service for refrigerating units and accessories.

2015.3 Increase 40m production lines,complete 180,000㎡order for the whole year, 217% higher than last year.With more than 70 employees,the company becomes the agent dealer of many companies.

2016.1 Increase 110m production lines,more than 120 employees,the average monthly output reaches 23,500㎡,build 25 mu new factory and establish branch company of Tianjie

2017.1 Establish Shanghai Heleng Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd,increase 120m production lines,dedicate to creating a professional and comprehensive refrigeration chain.