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One-stop shopping One-to-one service

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      Zhengzhou city is the largest transportation hub in Asia, the intersection of Beijing-Guangzhou and Longhai Railway, as well as one of the cradles of human history and civilization.With the boosting of economic reform, Zhengzhou has become the largest commercial city in the central region.With the rapid development of economy and urban construction in this land, the refrigeration industry has experienced explosive growth, and the new force has been rising.On July 12, 2016, China Refrigeration Expo came to Luohe city, next to the beautiful Shali river, the famous food city of China, to understand the refrigeration market and to seek for  the rising secret .   


            Second from left: Yiqiang Li ,the chairman of Qianghua

            First from right: Lubin Qian ,the general manager of Luohe Tianshun 

       The first station we come to Luohe Tianshun. Luohe TianShun refrigeration equipment Co., LTD is an  comprehensive refrigeration company specializing in production, sale, installation, maintenance and one-shop services.Since 1992, the company has been engaged in polyurethane spraying project, which has been spread all over the country, and has over 20 years of experience in engineering construction.With the market demand, the company firstly brought in the latest polyurethane panel production line, adopting polyurethane high pressure pouring foam molding.Strong manufacturing and R&D force, unique design concept, perfect after-sales service system, fully guarantee the quality of the products,the company has obtained the national quality system certification.We are committed to build a perfect "one-stop shopping supermarket" system in the refrigeration industry.


      According to the understanding of the reporter, the company is expanding gradually.It covers an area of 20 mu, and also  factory under construction 20 mu.The company is developing rapidly, with fast business  growth .Now the company is mainly engaged in polyurethane cold storage panel, and kinds of cold storage doors, cold storage aluminium tube, iron tube,and sale all kinds of compressor, air cooler, condenser, aluminium tube: to undertake various of cold storage, carriage, pipe spray polyurethane thermal insulation engineering. Products are widely used in food processing, fruit and vegetable processing, refrigerated logistics, industrial thermal insulation, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and other related industries.

      During the conversation, Mr Qian, the general manager of Luohe Tianshun refrigeration equipment Co., LTD., said that"over the years, the the company has obtained a number of high-quality technicians and experienced construction team through the extensive communication and learning with peers at home and abroad. The products have been spread all over the country, and gradually formed the channel to export to some countries and regions abroad. Our company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “Strictness, Practicality, Exploration, Innovation”.Under the sun of new century, "Tianshun" people are forging ahead to the world."



      Li,the chairman of Qianghua,agrees with Tianshun’s market concept, and think highly of Tianshun's prospects for the future development .Li sighs "the up-rising stars are emerging endlessly in refrigeration market at this stage, but it’s extremely difficult to be a company same as Tianshun,with not only strong technical force,complete suporting facilities ,but also one-stop industrial chain.Over the years,the over-60s,70s have been the main force of the market. However,with the growth of year and the rapid changes of the times, the market needs fresh blood, and the new enterprise force will cause a new round of innovation and reshuffle."

      Luohe Tianshun refrigeration equipment Co., LTD., general manager Qian expresses his warm welcome to Li and stresses the influence and shaping force of Qianghua media platform.And consults him about the Tianshun development of the future and how to better into the market and then create its own brand cohesion. Li thinks that air cooler has better market prospects than condenser,it can be the main product.While continuously strengthen the technology research and innovation.Only the independent innovation products have the market power. The potential young enterprises such as Tianshun need to constantly go into the market, integrate into the market, positioning itself in  premium market, and constantly cooperate and study with the excellent enterprises in the same industry, so as to gradually enhance the marketing force and influence of its own brand.

      Luohe Tianshun refrigeration equipment Co., LTD., with rich technical details, professional morality of integrity and fair, expands to the refrigeration market through their best products and services, "One-stop shopping supermarket" innovative management is coming to the new century of refrigeration industry.
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