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Air cooler

      D series air cooler is a kind of cooling equipment suitable for various kinds of cold storage.There are three types of D series air cooler,DL、DD and DJ,which are suitable for different temperature.It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, and does not occupy the usable area of the cold storage.Compared with the nature convection pipe,it can rapidly cool the food in the storage and greatly improve the freshness of the food.

      D series air cooler can be matched with different refrigerating capacity compressor condensing units and used as refrigerating equipment in different storage temperature. DL type is suitable for the cold storage at about 0 centigrade,such as the fresh eggs or vegetables.The DD type is suitable for the cold storage at around -18 centigrade,which is used as the cold storage for meat、fish and other frozen foods.The DJ type is suitable for the cold storage at -25 or below centigrade as frozen fresh meat or fresh fish products.
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